At What Age Can Men and Women Begin Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy?

By: Dr. Richard Welch


Age-related conditions like andropause and menopause are common, and lead to a wide range of issues that impact our health. Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) is a safe and natural treatment option for many people looking to restore balance to their bodies. But at what age should someone begin BHRT?

Dr. Richard Welch, who is experienced in the field of hormone replacement, suggests that there is no one-size-fits-all answer. Call MD Cosmedx Laser and Wellness Center to book a BHRT appointment and see if you qualify today. Our Bowling Green, KY team provides personalized plans for your specific needs.

What does hormone therapy treat?

It's normal for hormones like testosterone and estrogen to decline over time. However, andropause and menopause are associated with issues like hot flashes, night sweats, insomnia, low energy, mood swings, decreased libido, urinary issues, erectile dysfunction (ED), weight gain or loss, and thinning hair.

At MD Cosmedx Laser and Wellness Center, we use bioidentical hormones to replace the ones your body is no longer producing. They are identical to our naturally-occurring hormones and function like them as well. This means BHRT can produce results without causing any adverse reactions.

Who is a good candidate for BHRT?

Dr. Welch believes that age alone should not determine whether someone is a candidate for BHRT. During a consultation in Bowling Green, KY, we will assess your current health status, review your medical history, and conduct a blood panel and other diagnostic tests to determine your eligibility. We also discuss your goals for hormone therapy before developing a custom plan.

Ideal candidates for BHRT:

  • Experience the above-mentioned symptoms of andropause or menopause
  • Exhibit signs of a hormone deficiency in their blood work
  • Are unable to find relief through basic lifestyle changes or over-the-counter supplements
  • Desire a natural treatment option to manage their health and wellness

At what age can I start bioidentical hormone replacement therapy?

Most experts agree that there is no "best" age to begin BHRT. However, andropause and menopause symptoms begin to occur between the ages of 45 and 55, so it's important to be aware of any new changes in your health and discuss them in full with your doctor.

Of course, MD Cosmedx Laser and Wellness Center works with patients outside this range when necessary. Dr. Welch can provide comprehensive information and advice about hormone therapy so you make informed decisions moving forward.

How do you administer hormone therapy?

There are many ways to receive hormone replacement therapy, including creams, shots, digestible tablets, or small pellets placed just beneath the skin. Each method comes with its own benefits and drawbacks, so be ready to discuss all these options prior to beginning treatment.

For example, while pellets are an efficient and consistent form of BHRT, they require a minor procedure to place them. Our staff will work to find the best BHRT solution for your needs.

Relieve symptoms of andropause and menopause with BHRT

Bioidentical hormones have helped countless people deal with unwanted symptoms and find relief that lasts. Now, you can learn about BHRT from a trained professional in Bowling Green, KY. Contact MD Cosmedx Laser and Wellness Center to book a consultation and see if you are eligible for treatment. Dr. Richard Welch understands the discomfort that comes with hormone imbalances and can help you find the right solution.

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